Tuesday, November 08, 2005

staying motivated

With the days getting shorter and the nights getting colder, I have a harder and harder time getting off the sofa. Especially now that there are not many races to look forward to in the near future, it's espeically hard to stick with it. So the question of the day is:

What keeps you motivated?

For me, I think about how good it will feel afterwards. Sometimes, I put my gym bag in the car and go straight to my workout after lab. Whatever I do, I don't go home. It's just too tempting to collapse and do nothing. Also, if I have a favorite tv show to watch, I exercise while watching it. It's great multitasking. I also like to make new music playlists to listen to while running. In addition, there are a lot of little road races in the off-season. These keep me honest and give me something to look forward to. Some nights, however, I just have some Ghirardelli dark chocolate and collapse on the couch while watching Survivor.


Mica said...

I agree it can be hard to stay motivated in the winter. Especially when its dark at 5:00pm!

Having my plan written down and doing short races every few weeks keeps me motivated.

Mon said...

I'm the same way! I have to workout right after work, the second I stray from that it's all over. If I sit down, I stay seated. LOL

G-Man said...

What keeps you motivated?
My shrink. And sex. And red wine. And connecting.

Anonymous said...

I workout in the morning...get up at 4:30am and do whatever is on my schedule. The off season is a great time to recharge your batteries. Develop an off season goal...loose 5 lbs or whatever...something small. It's a great time to lift weights...develop strength in your core muscles. Its a great time to practice good nutrition, however you should splurge on the holidays. Its also a great time to work on your psychological training. Strengthen your mind. There are several great books out there for developing your mind.

The off season is not about improving your swim bike or run...but if you can find a clinic to attend...that is good too.

Anonymous said...

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